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For Families

What is Early Intervention?

Early intervention is a program that provides services to children from birth to age three who have, or are at risk of, developmental disabilities. Services are provided at no cost to families of eligible children, regardless of insurance coverage. Early Intervention assists and empowers families to meet their child's and their own needs and entitles children, regardless of race, ethnicity or income to services based on the child's individual eligibility. Services may include speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, special instruction, social work, nutrition, vision, hearing or and/or behavior services.  

For additional information about Early Intervention please see A Family’s Introduction to Early Intervention in Pennsylvania.

Do you suspect an infant or toddler has a disability or delay or is at risk of having a disability?

If so, please contact your local Early Intervention Office:
Montgomery County: (610) 277-7176
Philadelphia County: (215) 685-4646
All Counties: 1-800-692-7288 (CONNECT Helpline)

Research has shown that early intervention can dramatically improve outcomes for children with developmental delays and disabilities.

“Most mommies and daddies tell me “I thought there was a problem at 14 or 15 months...and they told me let’s wait and see because sometimes some kids grow out of it.’ Well, that’s not a good answer. We’ve got to make the distinction between less important problems, where we can wait and see from core problems, which involve a lack of reciprocity and a lack of getting to know your world. For these core problems, we have to act on it yesterday. We can’t wait nine months, we can’t wait two months.” (Stanley I. Greenspan, M.D., Child Psychiatrist)