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Developmental Milestones
Although all children develop at different rates, below are the typical ages at which the following milestones are achieved:

Three Months:
  • Lifts and turns head from side to side when lying on stomach
  • Grasps rattle when rattle is placed in hand
  • Smiles when smiled at
  • Visually tracks a moving object or person
  • Turns head toward bright colors, lights, and toward and the sound of a human voice
  • Makes cooing and gurgling sounds

Six Months:

  • Holds head steady when sitting (with some help)
  • Rolls over
  • Reaches for and grasps objects
  • Helps hold bottle during feeding
  • Explores by mouthing and banging objects
  • Pulls up to sitting position if hands are grasped
  • Opens mouth for spoon
  • Babbles and imitates some sounds
  • Knows familiar faces
Twelve Months:
  • Drinks from cup with help
  • Grasps small objects with thumb and forefinger
  • Sits unsupported
  • Crawls
  • Pulls self up to stand
  • Stands alone momentarily
  • Begins to use objects, like a like a brush, correctly
  • Babbles, but with inflection, which sounds like talking
  • Says first word
  • Waves goodbye
  • Understands simple commands

Eighteen Months:

  • Turns pages in a book
  • Stacks two blocks
  • Walks independently
  • Scribbles with crayons
  • Identifies object in a picture book
  • Begins to sort by shapes and colors
  • Follows simple, one-step directions
  • Says 8-10 words others can understand
  • Repeats words heard in conversation
  • Looks at person speaking to him or her
  • Asks for something by pointing or using one word
  • Acts out familiar activity in play (i.e. pretending to eat)
  • Recognizes self in mirror or pictures

Two Years:

  • Feeds self with spoon
  • Builds tower with4 blocks
  • Walks upstairs with help
  • Explores surroundings
  • Begins to make believe play
  • Can and will follow directions
  • Enjoys looking at the same books over and over
  • Speaks about 50 words
  • Uses 2-3 word sentences
  • Comforts a distressed friend of parent
  • Refers to self by name and uses “me” and “mine”
  • Points to eyes, ears, or nose when asked

Three Years:

  • Walks up steps, alternating feet
  • Turns pages in a book one at a time
  • Pays attention for about three minutes
  • Counts 2-3 objects
  • Follows simple one-step commands
  • Can talk about what happened yesterday
  • Uses 3-5 word sentences
  • Asks short questions
  • Names at least one color correctly
  • Knows first and last name
  • Recognizes & understands most common objects & pictures